5 Sales Enablement Professionals Share Their Insights and Best Practices

Insights from Adriana Romero (Salesforce), Crystal Nikosey (SecondNature), Al Graves (SEDNA), Malvina El-Sayegh (Reachdesk), and Carly Lehner (Andela)

The basis of a sales enablement is to provide sellers with what they need to successfully engage prospects during the buying process.

In the video series below, 5 enablement professionals share their views on enablement, how to get started with it and how to successfully build a enablement program for the future.

What is sales enablement?
When to start implementing enablement.
What skills are required to thrive in enablement?
Dealing with push-backs from the team.
How to level up mid-performers.
How do you measure the impact of sales enablement.
Where is sales enablement going?
The full episodes

Sales Enablement Is More Than Just a Program.

"The excerpts from these episodes have given me immediate inspiration to tackle and rebuild our enablement program with our team's skills in mind."

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