episode 25

Vitorio Martini

The principles of fixing your sales team when things get tough.

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What do you do when you notice your team is constantly missing quota?

After listening to this episode, you'll call Vitorio. Several companies have already done so, because this man makes it happen.

After a career at Thomas Reuters, Hitachi and now Dell, he has revved up sales teams and crushed quotas (Hitachi even brought him in twice!).

His secret? Unless what you might think, firing people is his last resort. He has 3 core principles that can make any sales team successful, if you apply them properly (tip: he shares them in detail in the episode!).


Vitorio has developed a reputation as a strong leader, manager, coach, and mentor with the ability to uncover root causes and train teams to discover previously unrealised solutions with focus on values and culture. On various occasions he was brought into companies to fix their revenue, not by firing people but to work with what he has and uplift the whole team to a new level.

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