episode 20

Stefan Avivson

How to find out what really makes customers tip with 1 simple question.

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Why do people buy your product or service?

It seems to be the hardest question to answer. Many companies don't even ask their customers, when in fact it's a simple question that can elevate your entire business!

Today on our show, we have Stefan Avivson who is dedicated to finding these why's.

Everyone has heard of the "Start With Why" while many sellers suffer from not understanding the real why, when it's right in front of you: just ask the question. If you ask 100 people, you will probably understand the common denominator that makes people tip.

After listening to this, you'll probably want to pick up the phone and take action. It will drastically affect your sales process if you find out!


Stefan Avivson is a father, a serial entrepreneur and a musician. Who, after a hurricane of lifelong challenges found himself on a mission: to do his best to make a positive impact on this planet and the people on it. His outlook is that happiness makes the world a better place for all of us, so why not help good entrepreneurs make a difference? Stefan is all about making an impact! His passion and experience allow him to create traction in both startups and mature B2B companies, including his own portfolio of businesses.

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