episode 17

Stef Verbeeck

The secret to personal branding to win in sales.

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Let's talk about personal branding!

Not something easy to accomplish, but increasingly important for sellers today. Creating a trusting relationship with your prospects can make or break many deals.

I invited Stef Verbeeck, a true personal branding expert, on Sound of Sales today.

After speaking with many listeners and receiving your questions, we tried to cover them all in this episode.

Things like why companies should embrace employees building their brand (and how to do it successfully), how to start creating a brand and why human-to-human sales is so important.

Here are the top take-aways to start with:
1 - Who do you want to reach? (Understand your target audience well!)
2 - Devise a strategy for yourself (what's achievable?)
3 - Don't just sell, sell, sell

Enjoy the episode, and remember, branding has nothing to do with marketing.

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