episode 21

Sanjoy Bhose

The art of combining being bold with 5 killer sales principles.

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What do you do when you feel like nothing is working?

Indeed, you keep pushing your limits and trying to fix it. Let that be exactly what Sanjoy did in his early days.

For two years, he wrote down everything that worked and didn't work in a notebook. Then he distilled the contents to find common denominators in his actions.

Guess what! There were 5 core principles that came to light and 3 of them are related to used language!

In this episode he shares what he learned the hard way, why he thinks it's time for sales leaders to embrace a bolder approach and gives a real example on how to do discovery calls using his exact framework.

Listen carefully, it may just give you that push you need to pick up the phone and try it out!


Sanjoy Bhose is a sales leader and sales enablement professional who believes that selling with integrity, humility and empathy goes a long way. He learned the trade through discovery and analysis in various sales leader positions at large companies when training teams at scale.

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