episode 23

Fernando Pucci

The human approach to managing people and being a better leader.

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How do you become a people manager?

There are about 7,680,000,000 results on Google alone. Authors have written tons of books on the subject (personally, I would recommend The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo).

A good people manager is someone who can get the best out of their team, but also takes one for the team from time to time.

One such person is Fernando Pucci, today's guest.

Fernando has stepped up for his team several times, challenged management to rethink their plans, and helped employees reach the President's Club by constantly challenging them to go the extra mile and think with them.

Several people have told me about Fernando and his way of managing, so I am very excited to share this story with a wide audience to get to know this amazing guy!


Fernando is a sales and growth professional in the SaaS industry who has been working across the world building go to market strategies, multi-functional teams, starting operations from scratch and growing businesses. He has seen it all, from startups to scale-ups and large enterprises. He has built strategies and lead teams to go beyond their expectations.

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