episode 24

Ethan Parker

Success in sales has everything to do with hustling smart and knowing yourself.

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When we ask guests how they got into sales, there's a variety of answers. Truth be told, Ethan Parker's was rather unexpected.

Being successful in life is not given, it is earned. And if you hustle smart, you can basically achieve anything you set your mind to.

Ethan's take on "the hustle" and his level of self-awareness are inspiring.

Be prepared to learn the mix to succeed in your sales career.


Throughout Ethan's career he has been a top-performing salesperson, as well as building and managing sales teams. Most notably, he launched Evolt's (an AU-based company) US operation and brought in over $10M in revenue and over $50M in contracts in just over 3 years. Ethan has also been a successful entrepreneur and was the youngest multi-unit franchise owner at Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness).

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