episode 19

Cedric Royer

If you want to scale your business properly, you need to think about systems.

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How do you build a sustainable business?

When growth kicks in, many sales leaders tend to focus on the "fires". But to really grow, you need to focus on building processes, and let that be just what Cedric brings to the table.

In this episode, we dive into his experiences hiring, managing a team and his learnings in building meaningful career paths.

Cedric's experience is insane from a broad background on mentoring scale ups, working on his own startups and on big tech companies like Indeed. He's an expert in thinking and building systems and processes for growth.

Something that I'm sure will stick with you after this episode: it's all about humans.


Cedric is passionate about helping startups and scale ups grow. He is in the business of scaling high performance teams and high revenue streams. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work across EMEA, mentoring scale ups in AI, Blockchain, 3D Printing, LMS, ... and worked on his own startups as well as for large tech companies in HRTech, storage, semiconductors/compute and security.

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