episode 18

Aydin Kintziger

The positive mindset for sellers - how to become limitless.

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How do you think about mindset?

Its importance is often overlooked, especially by young salespeople or in training.

Some think that a good mindset means that you have great ambition for the future. Well, you'd be surprised…

I am super proud to share this episode. After the first few minutes, it took an unexpected turn and turned out to be a super deep conversation about culture, mindset, and seeing the future, among other things.

This is an episode I would recommend to anyone.

Whether you're in sales or not. It will make you think about your own actions and might just change your future.

Sounds cliché, but it just might be true.


Aydin Kintziger lives in Ghent, Belgium and is currently responsible for platform partnerships at Stripe. He has previous experience at LinkedIn and In The Pocket, among others. He spends a lot of time reflecting and finding out why we do what we do. A great guy, with an awesome vision!

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