About Sound of Sales

On the mission to help all sellers become top performers.

Bram Van de velde is the 29-year-old founder of sales action platform Leadcamp. From experiencing not being a great sellers himself, this entrepreneur built what is intended to become the main platform to make each sellers a top performer leveraging artificial intelligence and tactics from the best in the game. To support this mission, he decided to launch Sound of Sales, to share growth stories from the most inspiring in the game.

picture of Bram Van de velde

Bram is a Belgium-based entrepreneur, content creator and presenter of the "Sound of Sales.

He has founded several startups and learned lessons the hard way. His life motto is 'Give it all, never back down' and he swears by it.

With his latest venture, Leadcamp, he is primarily focused on developing a technology platform to serve and help salespeople around the world.

While developing this platform, he spoke with salespeople and c-level executives from small businesses to large corporations and this made him realize that there are so many untold stories that deserve to be heard.

Sound of Sales is the result of this realization and provides a medium for anyone in sales to tap into inspiration, insights, hard lessons and life stories from their peers.

It is there to inspire, enable and unlock the potential of all who need to hear it.