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Tap into years of sales knowledge and learn from the greatest minds in the industry today.

Sound of Sales - a podcast from Leadcamp

Sound of Sales is brought to you by Leadcamp and hosted by co-founder and CEO Bram Van de velde.

After founding several startups and learning lessons the hard way, his life motto is "Give it all, never back down" and he swears by it. With Leadcamp, they mainly focus on developing a sales engagement platform to serve and help sellers around the world by leveraging real-time intent data.

Through this podcast, Bram and his team are serving this mission and provides a medium for everyone in sales to tap into inspiration, insights, hard lessons and life stories of other sellers around the world.

It is there to inspire, enable and unlock the potential of anyone who wants to hear it.

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The positive mindset for sellers - how to become limitless.
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